Climate Resilience

Ways to adapt to climate changes

PlantVillage helps farmers adapt to climate change through 2 things: providing relevant information about climate change and research in adaptation to the change.

Provide relevant information

We provide information about climate change in a language relevant to farmers. The particular focus is on the farmer's roles as individuals and communities in the fight against climate change. Here are examples of the information:

Mulching is a good agricultural practice that saves water in the soil and enables crops to grow longer in case of no rain.

Crop diversification provides farmer security over losing the only crop planted. When a farmer grows only maize, it's risky due to the high water needs of this crop. Growing different crops ensures that if one fails, there's another one that has yet to be harvested or already harvested since it can sustain harsh climate conditions.

Crop rotation ensures that there's a regaining of the fertility of the soil.

Research & adapt

Our team continuously researches new ways and technologies to help farmers towards adaptation and mitigation of climate change.

For adaptation to climate change, we provide climate-smart crops such as bananas and cassava. They can withstand harsh weather/climate conditions to grow and flourish. Cassava and bananas are available in KALRO (Kenya Agriculture and Livestock Resource Organization), where they have suitable varieties resistant to drought and diseases. We help them distribute seeds and saplings.

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